by Kevin O’Neill

During these unsettling times, there is a lot of confusion about what is considered an essential and non-essential business. It can be hard to see the individual impact businesses have on the day to day goods that we all consume. It is easy to understand why the Healthcare, Public Health, Public Safety, and Food and Water Industries are essential and remaining open during the COVID-19 outbreak. A company like Steele Solutions and others in the Material Handling Industry might are overlooked as critical, and we are here to explain how this industry is helping during these difficult times.

Medicine, personal protective equipment, and daily household items (food, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer) are critical in a time like this. Companies are working hard to get these products to hospitals and homes. Supply chains and the material handling business are an integral part in making sure these products make it to the end-users. Companies such as UPS, Amazon, FedEx, Walmart, Target, and other manufacturing companies are remaining open to ensure goods are produced and delivered accurately. Steele Solutions supports companies such as those listed above, and we have been designated an “essential business” during this time. E-Commerce and the parcel industry need Steele Solution’s products to ensure their locations can run smoothly and distribute goods efficiently.

Steele Solutions is remaining open during this time so that we can help this country through a difficult time. We are grateful to all our employees and those that are essential in other industries for coming to work every day and helping to make a difference. Stay safe, and stay healthy!