Introducing the Smart Evidence Locker with Verapass®

Chain of custody is critical in the handling of evidence and the outcome of criminal prosecutions. That’s why we set out to create a locker that automatically tracks and stores this important data. Our solution combines the reliability of Tiffin Evidence Lockers with state-of-the-art Verapass® for evidence software. Featuring an intuitive, user-friendly interface, biometric authentication, and wireless operation, these lockers enable a higher level of security and allow officers to spend more time in the field protecting and serving our communities.

No Hard Wiring Required

User-Friendly Interface

Controlled Access via Intelligent Locking System

Electronic Audit Trail

Steele Solutions

Compatible with all Tiffin Evidence Lockers

Biometric Authentication

Reports Show All Activities

Can be retrofitted to existing evidence lockers

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How It Works

Depositing Evidence

Select which locker to deposit evidence using the kiosk

Use biometric reader to verify identify and enter the case number

Remove key from docking station. Key is programmed to only open the selected locker

Deposit evidence, close locker, and return key to the docking station

The Following Information is Captured

• Date & time the evidence was deposited
• Locker number where deposit occurred
• Case number
• Officer Name & ID

Removing Evidence

Use biometric reader to gain custodian access to the Verapass® system

Remove evidence from a locker (optional rear control lock available)

Confirm which locker evidence was removed from and place the locker back into service in the Verapass® system

The Following Information is Captured

• Date & time the evidence was removed
• Locker number where evidence was removed
• Case number
• Custodian name and ID

Audit Trail & Reporting

Authorized personnel use biometric reader to gain access to the Verapass® management system

The VeraPass® management system contains a complete log of all activity that has occurred including evidence deposits, removals, and key activity.

Reports are automatically generated, giving personnel quick access to the entire audit trail.

Reports can be exported to an Excel or PDF file.

VeraPass® is a registered trademark of 3-East, LLC

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