What Drives Our Business is Simplicity in Design and Manufacturing

Our engineers have discovered that less is better. Here are a few examples of using less to gain more. The overall benefits are safer platforms that assemble easier, quicker, and with less components.

Value Proposition
Moment Connection

The beam bolts directly to the face of the column making it the easiest connection to install in the industry. Less bolts, no bracing, and no plates allows for safe and fast installation.

Value Proposition
No Cross or Knee Bracing

Knee bracing adds significant time to installation and reduces space for conveyors and other mechanical equipment.

Value Proposition
More Usable Space

Our Moment Connection design allows for longer column runs and creates open spaces maximize the usable space in a facility.

Value Proposition
Less Components

Our designs require far less components significantly saving time and money handling, storing, identifying and installing the additional components.

Value Proposition
Less Rework Time

Our structural design and automated manufacturing processes reduces human error and defect. Our experienced engineers design properly the first time reducing costly change order.

Value Proposition
Install Ready SST Chutes

Due to our patented design, we are the only supplier in the industry able to deliver assembled UHMW spiral chutes saving substantial install costs.


Moment Connection – a Force Acting at a Distance on an Object

A Moment Connection in structural design is a connection joint between a beam and a column where the end of the beam is restrained from rotating, thus creating a rigid frame without the use of conventional cross-bracing.

Faster Install time

On average, using other suppliers adds approximately 1,650 labor hours making it difficult to keep the project on schedule.

Quicker Response Time

According to installers, SSI project managers respond with actionable plans much faster than other suppliers, limiting idle time for the crew.

Engineering Expertise

Most experienced in the industry. Dedicated engineering team works
with customers up front to design the ideal solution.

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Companies work with Steele Solutions because they know they’ll get a superior product and outstanding service from a company they can trust. From initial discussions all the way through installation, you can count on the professionals at Steele Solutions to walk you through every decision. We work tirelessly to understand each of our clients’ needs so we can provide creative solutions.

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