New system equips evidence lockers with smart technology, streamlining the process for law enforcement to track and store critical chain of custody data.

MILWAUKEE, WIS (January 24, 2024)Steele Solutions Inc., a leading manufacturer of public-safety security lockers, has announced the launch of its latest technology-enabled solution, the Smart Evidence Locker with VeraPass®. This product combines the durability and reliability of Tiffin Evidence Lockers with advanced software Verapass® for the seamless documentation and storage of chain-of-custody data. Integrating this system provides law enforcement agencies with a more secure audit trail for temporary evidence storage and a reduction in time spent manually recording chain of custody information.

“Chain of custody is vital in criminal investigations, and the integrity of the evidence is paramount,” said Chad Cooper, Director of Sales at Steele Solutions. “Our Smart Evidence Locker is designed to enhance security while minimizing the administrative burden on law enforcement personnel. By integrating user-friendly VeraPass® software and intuitive operation into our trusted lockers, we ensure evidence is secure, and officers can focus more on their crucial work in the community.”

Key Features

  • User-friendly, intuitive interface supports fast adoption.
  • Biometric authentication provides a high level of access control.
  • Electronic audit trail can be easily accessed by authorized personnel.
  • Auto-generated reports show all activity, including evidence deposits, removals for processing, and key usage.
  • Wireless operation enables a simple on-site setup process.

The simple process to deposit evidence ensures that all pertinent data, such as the date and time of deposit, locker number, case number, officer name, and ID, are securely logged. This system allows authorized personnel to access a complete log of all activity through the biometrically-secured Verapass® management system, which can generate comprehensive reports for an entire audit trail that can be exported to Excel or PDF formats.

Pricing & Availability

  • Immediately available on all new projects.
  • Retrofitting available for existing Tiffin Evidence Lockers with compatible keyed locks.
  • Pricing varies based on the quantity of lockers and system configuration.

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About Steele Solutions, Inc.

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