by Kevin O’Neill

In every industry, many standards need to be met, and certifications required to get a project executed. Choosing the correct partner to help with a plan is critical because not all companies meet specific standards to complete a project. One essential qualification is a company’s ability to provide a PE Stamp on their drawings. A PE Stamp demonstrates that a professional engineer placed his/her “registration seal” on the drawing or designs.

Steele Solutions, Inc has a staff of professional engineers, and these engineers provide PE Stamped drawings for all 50 states and Canada. For some projects, a PE stamp is required, but many times the PE stamp is just preferred. To become licensed, a PE must complete a 4-year degree, work under a PE, and pass two competency exams. PEs must also continuously demonstrate their competency and improve their skills. 

There are many reasons why a PE stamp is a great idea, whether necessary or not:

Shift responsibility: The use of a PE Stamp shows a professional engineer’s approval. Since they are the expert, the client is placing their trust in the PE to create a safe structure. The PE Stamp states that the engineer is responsible for the system’s integrity and the lives affected by their work.

Ensure the system/design will perform: Becoming an engineer takes years of education and experience, and having a professional, qualified individual back the system shows the quality. A company must acquire and retain its PE stamp, and they demonstrate the knowledge needed for each project’s needs, limitations, and requirements.

Gain government approval: There are many cases where a project requires government approval, and a PE stamp can prove legitimacy. The professional stamp will protect the public because the PE stamp ensures a qualified individual met the standards to be an engineer. Each state regulates qualifications.

Gain credibility: A company that can place a PE Stamp on a project demonstrates the ability to hire qualifies individuals and that they are concerned with providing the highest quality product. Having a PE Stamp will impress clients and project officials concerned with structural integrity and government approval.

Meet all local and state codes: When starting a new project, there is a lengthy process of analyzing plans and submitting them for state approval. Professional engineers are familiar with state regulations and codes and will be able to guarantee the system meets the requirements or how to bring a project up to code.

A PE Stamp proves that the engineer and company can learn and engage in continued education. The stamp gives the customer a reason to trust the company, and that you are willing to accept a higher level of responsibility. 

At Steele Solutions, Inc, we pride ourselves on creating a structure that is not going to fail and will perform to qualifications presented. We will put a PE stamp on our drawings to ensure that a project can pass government regulations because we are sure that we have created a structurally sound plan.