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Putting quality in front of everything we do! Steele Solutions is right for your project.

There are two main ingredients that go into every Steele Solutions platform and SST chute; those are the highest quality of US steel, and more importantly, our people. Steele Solutions is all about quality, which is why we choose to use only US (American) Steel for your platform and chute projects. The overall quality of US steel is far superior in strength, longevity and safety, that no other grade can be considered acceptable to our standards. Steele Solutions people are the very best at what they do. From our sales to engineering, manufacturing and administration. All departments work in unison to bring to our customers the highest level of service and dependability.

Superior quality is the hallmark of steel structures from Steele Solutions/Tiffin Metal Products.

Our customer’s buy from us because they know they’ll get a superior product, designed to perfectly match their needs. And they know the entire project process will be a great experience – the Steele Solutions/Tiffin Metal Experience, putting the customer first, listening intently, and fully understanding their exact needs. We are focused on listening and responding in a timely manner to ensure the best, most economical solution is designed and fabricated for each specific need. That approach ensures success for our customers.


What drives our business is simplicity, in design and manufacturing.

Our engineers have discovered that less is better. Here are a few examples of using less to gain more. The overall benefits are a safer platform and assembles easier, quicker and with less components

Less Anchors

Most platforms in the industry are over kill on anchors. More is not stronger, in fact, more can reduce the overall strength of the platform.


Simple beam to column connections with significantly less bolts needed. Their not easy to install and we find in our designs, less is better.

No cross bracing needed

No cross bracing means on restrictions. You’ll have a better cross-flow and access to equipment and machinery.

Footings required less often

Need to know more about footings and tell why footings can do more for less

Easy instructions

Easy instructions with easy to locate hardware. It’s quite simple easy-to-read and follow instructions will make the job easier. Complicate it and you’re in for more problems than you can handle.

Manageable phases

Many of the projects we do are quite large, involving hundreds of beams and thousands of square feet of decking, stairs, rails, etc.

Moment connections

Our moment connection design creates additional valuable warehouse space – larger aisles, smaller baseplates and no cross-bracing blocking aisles

Advanced technology

This is just an example of the advanced technology and care that goes into every Steele Solutions project

Quality Steel

We trust only pure grade–A American US Steel

American steel manufacturers are held to a set of standards created by organizations like The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that determine the appropriate chemistry mixes for different types of steel. These standards are intended as a safety precaution to ensure the right quality of metal is being used for the right product. Not every country that manufactures and produces steel are required to adhere to these same standards. Many countries are producing steel at a rate where testing is just not possible or required.

Quality Steel

Testing is a hallmark of true US Steel

The American Iron and Steel Institute formed the American Standard for Testing and Materials, which are today, the general standards which all steel is measured. Steel manufactured in the USA requires some rigorous testing before it can be sold. These tests help keep buildings standing after hurricanes or earthquakes and help prevent steel from becoming brittle and cracking during welding.

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Companies work with Steele Solutions because they know they’ll get a superior product and outstanding service from a company they can trust. From initial discussions all the way through installation, you can count on the professionals at Steele Solutions to walk you through every decision. We work tirelessly to understand each of our clients’ needs so we can provide creative solutions.

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