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Meet the Steele Solutions team at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday, March 11 – Thursday, March 14. Journalists and members of the media are welcome to visit Steele Solutions’ booth #C5081 and request a one-on-one, guided tour of all featured products, and our “Solutions Center” – featuring an in-depth view of our comprehensive and custom engineering and design services.

Our team is passionate about the design and manufacturing of complex work platforms, custom chutes, and more. We partner with industry-leading integrators who lead warehouse automation projects for large e-commerce retailers and parcel providers.

Kevin O’Neil

Chief Executive Officer – Steele Solutions

Kevin O’Neill is the Chief Executive Officer at Steele Solutions, where his leadership and forward-thinking have been pivotal in steering the company’s direction. Growing up in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Kevin’s journey took root in his home state, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors. Currently residing in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Kevin incorporates the spirit of his progressive community into his leadership approach.

After earning his degree in General Business with a marketing emphasis from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Kevin joined Steele Solutions in 1997. His career at Steele Solutions is a chronicle of growth and advancement, starting as National Sales Manager, ascending to Vice President of Sales, stepping up as President, and eventually taking on the role of CEO in 2020. Under his stewardship, the company has seen significant milestones, including the strategic acquisition of Tiffin and the development and formalization of Steele Solutions’ core values.

With a tenure spanning over two decades, Kevin has woven a growth story through every position he’s held, focusing on nurturing the company’s strengths. As CEO, his sights remain set on expanding the business while embodying the company’s core values and serving as its visionary.

His accomplishments are diverse, including a former seat on the MHEDA Manufacturers Board of Advisors and a term as MHI Chairman for two consecutive years in 2022 and 2023. These roles have amplified his expertise and partnerships within the industry.

Kevin’s devotion to Steele Solutions is evident in his passion for the team and the culture he’s helped cultivate. He thrives on setting the strategic compass for the company, ensuring that every team member is recognized as the invaluable asset they are. His greatest joy comes from charting the course for Steele Solutions’ future while maintaining the personal connections that make the journey worthwhile.

“The team at Steele Solutions is the driving force behind our success. I take great pride in leading a company where every individual is dedicated to excellence and innovation. It’s an honor to guide our vision forward, ensuring that we continue to thrive and exceed the expectations of the industries we serve, while always remembering that our people are the cornerstone of our achievements.”

Andy Schumacher

Chief Revenue Officer – Steele Solutions

Andy Schumacher serves as Chief Revenue Officer for Steele Solutions. Originating from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and currently based in Tega Cay, South Carolina, he brings a practical, yet engaging and hospitable approach to his role. He holds a degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing from Marquette University.

Joining Steele Solutions in June 2023, Andy immediately set to work on revitalizing the company’s sales strategy and reinvigorating the corporate culture. Key achievements include collaborating on a culture-focused marketing strategy and establishing partnerships that aim to enhance the company’s market presence.

In his leadership role, Andy has concentrated on building a winning culture and improving internal communication processes. His use of tools like SIOP and PipeDrive is part of an effort to optimize efficiency across the organization. Andy values the dedication of his team and their commitment to the company’s objectives.

Prior to his current position, Andy significantly increased top-line sales as Vice President of the Packaging Systems Division at SSI-Schaefer and has a history of advancing sales and product management at Orbis and Monoflo International.

Andy believes in straightforward business principles: growth through a strong team, clear communication, and a focus on both culture and results.

“I love that everyone on our team works hard each day to win the day, the week, and the year. Our success is directly tied to our team’s effort and commitment, and my role is to ensure we keep our focus and continue to deliver on our promises.”

Aaron Lauber

Chief Financial Officer – Steele Solutions

Aaron Lauber is the Chief Financial Officer of Steele Solutions and resides in Franklin, WI. His academic journey at the University of Wisconsin Madison culminated in a Master of Accountancy, laying the groundwork for a notable career in finance.

Joining Steele Solutions in 2019 as CFO, Aaron has responsibility for the company’s financial, IT, and HR sectors. His approach is characterized by a comprehensive understanding of finance and a strategic oversight that spans across the technological and human resource dimensions of the business.

Before his tenure at Steele Solutions, Aaron served as the VP of Finance & Supply Chain at Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation. This role underscored his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and streamline supply chain processes, accomplishments that have seamlessly transitioned into his current position.

In his capacity as CFO, Aaron’s main focus areas encompass a broad spectrum of responsibilities, from financial oversight to managing the company’s IT and HR initiatives. Aaron’s impact is evident in the robust financial health and operational efficiency of Steele Solutions.

What Aaron values most about his role is the opportunity to work closely with a driven team and provide solutions to customers. His leadership is not just about numbers and systems but also about people and relationships. Aaron’s commitment to excellence and his ability to foster a collaborative environment underscore his integral role in driving Steele Solutions forward.

“The opportunity to be part of a dedicated and talented team that is focused on providing solutions to our customers stands out as the most rewarding aspect of my work.”

Joe Anderson

Director of Marketing – Steele Solutions

Joe Anderson, originally from Gurnee, Illinois, holds the position of Director of Marketing at Steele Solutions. Now residing in Muskego, Wisconsin, he brings a strong educational foundation from Marquette University, having earned both a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance and an MBA with a focus on marketing.

Joe joined the Steele Solutions team in 2021, initially taking on the role of Product Manager, where he was instrumental in implementing a new stage-gate process to streamline the introduction of new products. By 2022, he advanced to become the Director of Marketing, a role he has been energized with his strategic vision ever since.

In 2023, under Joe’s direction, Steele Solutions launched a new company website, marking a significant milestone in the company’s digital presence. His current focus includes leading the collaboration with the company’s marketing agency partner, driving the Steele Solutions brand and vision forward. All initiatives are notable accomplishments showcasing his commitment to evolution and growth.

Before his tenure at Steele Solutions, Joe accrued a decade of experience in product management at Uline and honed his expertise in direct marketing during a three-year tenure at Quad/Graphics.

At Steele Solutions, Joe values interdepartmental collaboration, working alongside a team of intelligent, driven individuals. His passion for the job stems from his enjoyment of uniting diverse departments towards a common goal and contributing to the company’s expansion.

“The opportunity to work with a cross-functional team of bright and motivated people is what drives me every day. It’s rewarding to see our collective efforts come to fruition in the growth of Steele Solutions.”

Steele Solutions Fact Sheet

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What are the advantages of Steele Solutions' structural steel platforms?

Steele Solutions’ structural steel platforms offer increased storage space, enhanced worker productivity, streamlined product flow, and faster access to critical machinery and equipment. Their unique moment connection provides increased usable space, safer walkways, and faster installation.

What decking options are available for work and equipment platforms?

Steele Solutions offers a variety of decking options, including ResinDek®, welded steel bar grating, flooring plating, and roof decking. These materials provide long-lasting strength, durability, and a professional look and feel, meeting various application and code requirements.

What types of crossovers does Steele Solutions offer?

Steele Solutions provides a full selection of industrial-grade crossovers, including Single-Wide and Double-Wide Step Overs, Type II crossovers utilizing stairs, and elevated crossovers with stairs, full railing systems, and decking. All crossovers are designed and fabricated according to Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) guidelines.

How does Steele Solutions design efficient catwalk systems and ensure compliance with code requirements?

Engineers take a detailed look at the facility’s layout to design the most efficient catwalk system that complies with code requirements. Structural drawings of where a catwalk would be installed are reviewed, including details about the positioning of the catwalk, while considering the elevation of the principal structure and the required elevation of the walkway surface. Steele Solutions takes a detailed approach to design and compliance, offering catwalks in unassembled 12’ sections of 24, 30, and 36” nominal widths that can be adjusted to fit any situation.

What features do Steele Solutions' gates and ladders offer?

Steele Solutions’ gates and ladders are designed for industrial use, with options such as OHSA and IBC compliant designs, modular design to reduce shipping costs, durable steel construction, anti-slip ladder rungs, and optional self-closing swing gates.

What are SST™ Chutes and their advantages?

SST™ Chutes are the gold standard, utilizing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) material to enable faster package flow and maintain speed for damp packages. They are fully customizable and scalable, with options for specific package sizes and weights, as well as FDA-approved material for food and beverage applications. Steele Solutions uses 3D Simulation Software to model chutes prior to prototyping, ensuring optimal package flow.

Does Steele Solutions offer custom engineering and design services?

The heart of any distribution facility or warehouse is its operational efficiency and storage capabilities. Steele Solutions’ custom engineering and design services are tailored to maximize these aspects for customers. The engineering and sales teams collaborate closely with integration teams to deliver well-coordinated, cost-effective solutions that align with operational needs and schedules, especially in the fast-paced e-commerce and material handling sectors.

Leveraging advanced 3D modeling tools from project inception to installation, Steele Solutions ensures the final structure matches the initial visual model as closely as possible. This approach not only aids in project coordination and material planning but also provides installers and site supervisors with detailed models and renderings to facilitate construction.

Design methodologies and standards have evolved to keep pace with code adoptions, ensuring every project’s success and the long-term reliability of the structures created. From kickoff meetings to final installation, Steele Solutions Project Managers serve as a single point of contact, ensuring seamless communication and coordination throughout the project.

Visit Steele Solutions’ “Solution Center” at MODEX 2021 to take an in-depth look at these comprehensive and custom services. 

Where is Steele Solutions located?

Steele Solutions is headquartered in South Milwaukee, WI and operates manufacturing facilities located in South Milwaukee, WI; Milwaukee, WI; and Tiffin, OH. In addition, the company has full support personnel in both Milwaukee, WI and Tiffin, OH. Learn more about our locations, or contact us here.

Companies work with Steele Solutions because they know they’ll get a superior product and outstanding service from a company they can trust. From initial discussions all the way through installation, you can count on the professionals at Steele Solutions to walk you through every decision. We work tirelessly to understand each of our clients’ needs so we can provide creative solutions.

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