Catwalks Designed and Built by Steele Solutions

Industrial Catwalks, Elevated Walkways

Steele Solutions, Inc. designs and manufactures catwalks to each end user's specific needs and specific building situation, for efficient and safe access in industrial and material handling settings.

Our design meets OSHA safety standards and prevailing building codes for industrial, manufacturing, commercial or military facilities.

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industrial catwalks

Catwalks, also called elevated walkways, can be ceiling-hung or supported from the floor or adjacent structures including racks or mezzanines.

The walking surface of a catwalk can be grated steel or a solid surface, depending on the needs and environment.

Steele Solutions has designed and built catwalks for indoor and outdoor use.

Those structures allow access between buildings, over machinery and equipment and to elevated areas of equipment or machinery that need regular attention.

Steele Solutions has its own line of ceiling-hung catwalks for conveyor support, conveniently available in 10-foot, 12-foot and 20-foot sections that are simple to install.

Catwalk Accessories

Catwalks from Steele Solutions can include railings, gates, stairways and other accessories to customize them for specific needs and the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and OSHA's standards for industrial use or use where the public has access.

All the elements needed for a catwalk are designed and created in our offices and manufacturing plant which employs the latest technologies to ensure quality control and efficiency and to support our experienced design professionals.

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